Among those murdered in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center was Hagay Shefi, youngest son of Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Dov Shefi, former Judge Advocate General of the IDF and General Counsel of the Israeli Ministry of Defense. Hagay was speaking at a conference on the 106th floor of the north tower. His body was one of two found the next day from that floor. An MBA, he had been president of Sungard Business Integration Inc. Earlier this year he had become cofounder and CEO of GoldTier Technologies Inc. Gen. Shefi has cautioned that the attack on the WTC, which was crowded with civilians, should not be referred to as a “tragedy;” the result may be a tragedy to every family that lost a loved one, but the world and the U.S. are faced with a Crime against Peace, a Crime against Humanity and/or a Grave War Crime, as well as a violation of American law. The civilians who, like his son, happened to be at the WTC did not simply die— they were murdered by extreme unlawful acts.