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It is with deep sadness we announce the death of Hagay Shefi, Co-Founder and CEO of GoldTier Technologies. Scheduled to speak at a conference at the World Trade Center on Tuesday, September 11, 2001, Hagay was one of many victims who perished as a result of the unthinkable tragedy that occurred at this American landmark.
Hagay was laid to rest Sunday, September 16 in New Jersey and was surrounded by his family, friends and co-workers.
To all who knew him, Hagay was an amazing individual. As a husband, father, colleague or a friend, we all knew Hagay as someone with a golden heart. Hagay had passion for his work and a vision to follow. He was a true leader that we all looked up to. But more than that, Hagay knew his priorities: his wife Sigal and their two children Roy and Naomi were the center of his life.
We feel blessed to be part of his life and to have known such an amazing person. His death, a result of a terrorist attack on innocent people, left a void which can not be filled.
Our condolences to the Shefi family. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.                                 

Hagay Shefi, Co-Founder
October 24, 1966 - September 11, 2001
Hagay Shefi was the President and then CEO of SunGard Business Integration, wholly owned division of SunGard Data Systems (NYSE: SDS) , a leading provider of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions. Formerly known as MINT Communication Systems, the company was acquired by SunGard in March 1999, a few days prior to its roadshow for IPO. Since 1997, the revenues of the company grew annually at a 3-digit pace along with staff growth from 50 to 250 worldwide (NY, Boston, Philadelphia, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Zurich, Stockholm, Israel, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney).
Shefi also served as the company’s Executive Vice President for World-Wide field operations and President of its US subsidiary, where he built its presence in the US from inception to its current sizable presence.
Prior to that,  Shefi was Managing Director at SunGard Capital Markets (NYSE: SDS) for North and South America where he had full P&L responsibilities for the North and South America of this leading provider of Derivatives and Enterprise Risk Management Solutions. Directed staff of 35 professionals in NY, Chicago, and Sao Paulo Brazil.
Shefi, who has published many articles and discussion papers in professional journals, speaks frequently at industry conferences, seminars and TV around the world, and is quoted often in the press on Enterprise solutions and Securities Processing Technology.
Mr. Shefi served as a board member at TACT Inc. (Consulting and Services firm), SuperSet Technologies (Project Management and Custom Development firm) and VenturiFX (holding company of Qoptics Inc. and Qratings Inc.).
Shefi holds an MBA degree (finance) and BA degree in  Economics from Bar Ilan university in Israel.

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