"To accept good advice is but to increase one's own ability."   Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Advisory Board
We are fortunate to have access to a network of industry leaders who provide continuing guidance to VenturiFX and our spin-off companies on: intellectual property development and licensing; technology development; marketing; market assessment; management and strategic development; and corporate relationships and partnering. The VFX Advisory Board includes:
Philip Wadsworth
Chief Patent Counsel, Qualcomm.
Jeff Brandt
President, JLB Consulting. Former Division Licensing Counsel, IBM. Founding attorney at Walker Digital Corporation responsible for Priceline patent
Alan Mendelson
Chairman & CEO, The Phillips Group. Board level advisor to Avaya. Former head of sales and marketing AT&T equipment and data systems divisions.
Dr. Moses Asom
Former Director, Lucent New Ventures Group, oversaw photonics and semiconductor startups. Marketing Manager for optoelectronics components covering Asia-Pacific and South America and Product Manager responsible for developing optical transceivers for broadband access.
Jonathan Dippert
CTO, The Chasm Group. 17 years experience in data networking technology and market adoption assessment.
Kevin Moore
Former senior telecommunications services and Internet infrastructure analyst at Deutsche Bank (BT) Alex. Brown.
Ullas Naik
Partner, Jafco Ventures. Rated #1 Internet infrastructure analyst by Fortune magazine. Senior analyst FAC/Equities.
Larry Wexler
Former head of IT, Finance, Marketing, at Phillip Morris, USA.

Jack Rubinstein
Principal, DICA Partners, early stage private investor CD-Radio, Orion Satellite Systems
Harold Burson
Founder, Burson Marstellar
Shivendra Panwar
Director of Center for Advanced Telecommunications Technology at Polytechnic University.Optical and datacomm signaling research labs.
Robert Shiver - CEO of Aerwave a wireless service provider.
In Memoriam
Hagay Shefi
The former Group CEO of Sungard Data Systems, a leading provider of high-end middleware solutions for the financial services industry. Hagay Shefi was part of the founding team of VenturiFX and served as a member of the QOptics Advisory Board since the company's inception. Hagay was killed during the September 11th World Trade Center attacks while attending a technology conference. He leaves behind a wife and two children. To donate to the Hagay Shefi Memorial Fund, please visit